Don’t Cut Corners on Office Products

There are many types of office products which are necessary to ensure that an office is being managed and operated in the most efficient way possible. These office products include office furniture, office chairs, paper products, toner cartridges and ink cartridges and more.

The basic organization of any office involves the correct placement of office furniture. This has to be done in a way that allows an office to run smoothly while allowing people to be as comfortable as possible. Office furniture must also give any potential clients or existing customers the right impression when visiting the office.

With this in mind, all office furniture should be co-ordinated, with desks placed the correct distance apart and office chairs with wheels for ease of mobility. The layout of the furniture should suit the type of work being done and should include some storage facility for paperwork and files.

It’s important that an office run smoothly but the safety of the office staff is just as important. Safety must be taken into account when determining the final position of office furniture. Consideration must be taken of the natural pathways people will use from their desks to others, to entrances and other areas of the office. Power cables should be properly installed and kept out of walkways to prevent falls and injury. Most office furniture today incorporates outlets for cables to be threaded at the back of the desks to improve safety and keep desks tidy.

In most companies it is the responsibility of one person to ensure that all stationery products are on hand for employees to use. Stationery includes writing materials, printing and copying paper, toner cartridges as well as general office equipment such as staplers and calculators. There is a large variety of office products available today, designed to assist people in their job by making them efficient. Controlling and maintaining the stock of office products can be a full time job in a big company.

Depending on the size of an office it is a good idea to check ink cartridges on a regular basis. In many offices a number of computers are connected to only one printer and this can result in ink cartridges getting used up very quickly. Ink cartridges running out can cause a lot of disruption, and become costly if it happens on a regular basis. The same thing applies to toner cartridges in printers or photo copying machines.

Keeping up with all the requirements of a large office and ensuring that all office products are kept in constant supply is not an easy task. Running short of any of the many office products that are in constant use could have a drastic effect on the output of an office and its effectiveness. Therefore, the person who is responsible for office products needs to ensure their job is done 100% efficiently.

As well as keeping a continual supply of office products available it is also essential that the office staff have easy access to these office products. Ensuring that all office products are readily available will eliminate any time lost in searching for essential supplies. At the same time, inventory control is required to ensure that stock levels of paper products and other stationery are maintained.

Many companies lease photocopying machines and printers but it is still advisable to keep stock of ink cartridges and toner cartridges so they are on hand when they need to be changed. Many leasing companies require a certain amount of notice when toner cartridges or ink cartridges need to be replaced. This can often lead to a delay and the consequent drop in productivity that downtime leads to in an office.